Total Lunar Eclipse: Mon 28 Sep 2015

Total Lunar Eclipse: Mon 28 Sep 2015 and Namaz-e-Ayaat

Eclipses of the Moon happen when the Sun, Earth and Moon are aligned to form an almost or exact straight line.

During a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Sun, Earth and Moon form a straight line. The Earth blocks any direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The Sun is behind the Earth, so the Sun's light casts the Earth's shadow on the Moon. This shadow covers the entire Moon and causes a Total Lunar Eclipse.

The next Total Lunar Eclipse is on
Monday 28 September 2015 and is visible in London, UK

Partial Eclipse begins on 28 Sep at 02:07:13: moon is getting red.
Total Eclipse begins at 03:11:12: completely red moon.
Maximum Eclipse at 03:47:09: Moon is closest to the center of the shadow.
Total Eclipse

Day of Arafa'h- 9th Zilhajj Aamaal

The day of Arafah is one of the most sacred days of the Islamic Calendar. On this day Allah invites his servants towards his worship and obedience, and spreads his bounties and blessings. Imam Zaynul Abidin (as) says about this great day: "O God, this is the day of Arafah a day which you have made noble, given honor and magnified within it. You have spread your mercy, showed kindness through your pardon, made plentiful your giving and by it you have been gracious towards your servants." (Sahifa as-Sajjadiyyah, Du'a no. 47)

Eid Al Adha

And proclaim among people the Pilgrimage; they will come to you on foot and on every lean camel coming from every remote path. That they may witness advantages for them and mention the name of Allah during the stated days over what He has given them of the cattle quadrupeds, then eat of them and feed the distressed one, the needy".  (Holy Quran: 22: 27 & 28)

Hajj is a great Islamic conference. It is an ideal demonstration of faith in which diverse groups of every race, class and nationality join together at a given time and in a specific place.

They repeatedly recite a single call, and proclaim the same slogan. They gather for one purpose and that is to declare their servitude and loyalty to Almighty God alone, freeing themselves from any trace of polytheism and ignorance, in a deeply effective, collective way, which fills the soul with feelings of faith and uniterism. As the Holy Quran proclaims, and the Prophetic traditions bespeak, Hajj is not only worship and a way of getting closer to Almighty God, but it is a way of granting the pilgrim social, educational, economic and political benefits. Combined together, these bounties are conducive to improvement within an Islamic society, increase its awareness, rectify the problems and activate its movements.

During Hajj, Muslims witness the most excellent example of equality, submissiveness and human brotherhood. This is accomplished by removing the outer difference and donning the dress of unity, the ihraam. The result is that all feel a oneness among the human race, brotherhood and equality. While performing Hajj, Muslims feel a oneness with the earth and the people. It invalidates all the artificial boundaries established by human, regional, national and racial superiority complexes and egoism. Travelling across thousands of miles, they penetrate all barriers, and rise above all man-made hurdles, in order to respond to Islam's call of faith.

During Hajj, Muslims meet each other in a magnificent communion. They relate to each other's domestic and regional affairs. They consult each other concerning their life and religion. They exchange experiences, opinions and good habits. They become acquainted with each other's problems. They learn of each other's viewpoints. This interchanging of ideas increases their awareness, knowledge grows, and the impetus to reform is invigorated. As a result, plans are proposed, projects designed, educational, political, social and economic centres are established. The Muslims support each other, as if they are one body and one soul. Since Hajj is a large and impressive human gathering, it attracts millions of Muslims from different countries. It also stimulates an economic movement which is beneficial to the world of Islam. During Hajj, the pilgrim imbibes ethical and educational lessons which reduce his faults. He acquires patience through hardship. He becomes humble, generous and tender. He renounces lying, backbiting, animosity and pride. He learns from his journey through mixing with others. Within him, positive social tendencies grow and morals are refined.

Eid Al Adha Eid Festival Programme

Join us for a fun filled evening!

We are pleased to announce a program FILLED with FUN, HUMOUR and FOOOOD to commemorate EID-UL-ADHAA to be held on Friday 25th September 2015 at our Centre

The program schedule is as follows

19.05 - Salaat
19.35 - Quran - Br Reza Qarai
19.45 - Nyaz
20.15 - The Fun Begins!

There will be a Fun Quiz in the gents hosted by Br Hussain Dewji.

The ladies will have various stalls including clothing, jewellery, mehndi and games for the seniors as well as entertainment for

Hazrat Muslim Bin Aqeel (AS)

"I do not know companions more loyal and better than my companion , neither do I know a household more honourable and passionate than my household. May the Almighty reward you for the favors you have done me." (Bihar al- Anwar, Vol. 44, P. 392)

The people of Kufa called upon Imam Husayn (A) to overthrow the Umayyad dynasty. He was on his way to Mecca for his Hajj pilgrimage and wanted to confirm the loyalty of the people of Kufa, so he sent Muslim, son of Aqeel, who was a famous warrior, to