Stage 3 - The Life After Hereafter: Wahshat al-Qabr - The Grave's Loneliness

Stage 3 - The Life After Hereafter: Wahshat al-Qabr - The Grave's Loneliness

وحشة القبر

According to the book titled Man la Yahdhuruhu al-Faqih, there are tremendous horrors in the grave; therefore, when the deceased person is taken to his burial spot, he must not be entered into it suddenly. He must be placed near the pit for a while so the dead person may get ready to enter it. Then one must bring him closer to it and wait a short while again after which the deceased person is to be placed in the grave. Al-Majlisi, the father, has explained the wisdom in these steps. He says that, true, the soul has already left the body, the "animal spirit" (spiritus animalis in Latin) or the moving soul; as for the "articulate soul", it is yet to sever

Stage 2 - The Life After Hereafter: The Adeela at the Time of Death

Stage 2 - The Life After Hereafter: The Adeela at the Time of Death

It means one turning from right to wrong as he dies due to the presence of Satan at the time of his death who will cast doubts in his heart through his evil insinuations in order to get him out of the right creed. There are many supplications to seek protection for such `adeela. For example, the pride of all critics, may Allah‎ have mercy on his soul, has said that if one seeks security against Satan, he must bring into his

Stage 1 - The Life After Hereafter: An-Naza` al-Akheer: Drawing the Last Breath

A series of 12 articles that take you step by step from the moment the soul departs from the body up to the gate of either Paradise and salvation or Hell and damnation, according to the teachings of Islam. This is a subject which not many people are willing to discuss, thus avoiding it altogether instead of preparing themselves for its inevitability. Please circulate this text to all those whom you love, perhaps when the time comes for one of them to leave this vanishing world

Luqman and his words of wisdom - Part 8

My son! Do not reveal your secret to your wife and do not make the door of your hoUse your assembly hall.

My Son! Woman is made up of a crooked bone. If you will try to make it straight (forcibly) it will break, if you leave it as it is it will remain crooked. Do not give them (extra) freedom so they may leave the house. So when they do a good thing accept it and if they do anything bad, be patient because there is no other way out. My Son! There are four kinds of women. Two are well

Luqman and his words of wisdom - Part 7

O My son! Keep control on yourself when angry so that you may not be ditched in Hell. O Son! Distress is better than the wealth earned through oppression and becoming an oppressor. My Son! peoples’ lives are mortgaged for their character. So woe unto them due to the earnings of their hands and hearts. O My Son! The people of the past were caught in the net of the world. So how those who came after them can remain protected? My Son! Regard this world as a prison for you so that you may enter